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“Life is cheap, Mechs aren’t”

It is the Year 3049.

The Inner Sphere is at war. Since the departure of General Aleksander Kerensky’s Star League Defense Force in the Exodus, the 5 Great houses, Davion, Kurita, Liao, Marik and Steiner, have vied for power. Each fighting for the position of the new lord of the Inner Sphere. to re-establish the great golden era of Man, The Star League. Fighting a series of 3 wars called “the Succession Wars”

In 3028, the prince of the Federated Suns, Hanse Davion married the daughter of the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, uniting the 2 most powerful of the houses. As the newborn Federated Commonwealth begins to take shape the other Houses begin to plot and scheme. The 4th Succession War, and then the war of 3039 with House Kurita of the Draconis Combine, the Ronin War and the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic all gave the current era an an ongoing demand for the services of mercenary units.

Then the Clans came. Keresnky’s Children. The descendants of the SLDF and their dependants come home. They had returned yes, with al lthe advanced tech and machines they had left with and MORE. They had spent nearly 300 years training and fighting, preparing and most frighteningly BREEDING. They had bred themselves in a strict caste system, generating Warriors of 3 types. The Mechwarrior, penultimate and most revered of the Clans. Elementals. Huge hulking infantrymen clad in battlearmor that in groups of them is capable of downing even the most powerful of battlemechs. and the slight, large headed qucik and agile Pilots. Bred to survive in the Extreme G environments and smal lcockpits of fighter combat. The Clans came into the IS from beyond the Periphery, Smashing down any who resisted at first, They seemed unstoppable, but soon the Inner sphere had adapted, using the Clans virtues agianst them. The Wolves, The Jade Flacons, The Ghost Bears, The smoke Jaguars.

With the Death of their Ilkhan, they stopped their advance for nearly a year. the Inner Sphere came together and agreed to fight the Clans not amongeach other. Then the Clans began to push forward towards Terra once more. Comstar’s Precentor Martial, and his Comguards battled the invading Clans on Tukkyiad and defeated them, forcing a 15 year truce. With the Truce the Inner Sphere finds itself in a strange place.

For the first time since the Fall of the Star League, The Inner Sphere has had true cooperation between the Successor States. It’s time, some believe to put the past to rest and forge a new, glorious,peaceful future from the ashes and wreckage of the Succession Wars. From the burning battlefields and bloody salvage of the Clan Invasion you have found your way to Solaris 7. You seek glory in the arena or High pay for Mercenary trade. You seek to hide from the past or desire to make the future a better place. Sins of the Past. Glories of the Future. It’s here on solaris 7 for the taking. You just have to be better than the next guy. Are you? Can you be? You have to want it more. Do you? Will you?

“Victory or Debt”….the Battle cry of all mercenary units.

Home Page

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