Colonel Rachel Lawson

CO and Founder of 1st New Georgian Musketeers


Name: Rachel Isabella Hasek-Lawson
Rank: Colonel- AFFS (ret.), Colonel-(registered with MRBC), Baronial-heir (FedSuns)
Affiliation: Former AFFS Mechwarrior, Current CO of the 1st New Georgian Musketeers
Military Occupational Specialization: Mechwarrior
Secondary Occupational Specialization: Certified Small Arms Instructor
Birthplace: City of New Savannah, Planet of New Georgia, Federated Suns
D.O.B.: April 1st, 3013
Known Relatives: Baron Richard Lawson III (Father), Lady Annabelle -Hasek-Lawson (Mother), Dame Carolina Lawson-Stark (Sister), Colonel Richard Hasek-Lawson IV (Brother), Major Daniella Lawson-Montaigne (Daughter), Lt. Kenneth Hasek-Lawson (Son/ Dec.)
Training/Schooling: NAMA (Primary Military Schooling), NAIS (Supplemental Technical courses)
Favorite Mech: DV-8S Devastator w/mods
Service Record:


Colonel Rachel Lawson

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