Battletech: Skies Without End

Lancer Timeline

January 3rd, 3038- Marcus Black and most of his Crucis March Guards company leave the Federated Suns after resigning from the AFFS, in hopes of forming their own unit on Galatea.

June 21st, 3038- The unit meets up after six months on Galatea. Having pooled the resources of the members and his own legacy from his Uncle. They purchase the needed parts and hire necessary personnel, including Techs ands Medical. Leasing out a building near the Hiring Hall, they merge business with a down and out Dropship owner/captain.

December 23rd, 3038- They exhaust the rest of their non-dedicted funds refitting the Mule-class dropship “Longshot” that they found in a salvage yard. The refit of the ‘Longshot’ gives them a cargo ship as well as the services of the Overlord-class dropship ‘Rubicon’. Marcus finally deems them battle-ready and goes about searching for a contract.

March 1st, 3039- Marcus signs the first contract with the AFFS. The contract is to serve as a garrison unit along the Capellan border on the planet of Campertown. The contract is considered a plum by his fellow mercs especially for an untested unit of mercs. MArcus intends to use the next 2 years of relative comfort to forge the unit into a true fighting unit.

April, 3rd-7th, 3039- On route the unit is diverted to a rendevousz with Morgan Hasek-Davion, and offered a side contract. This one is a raid at the Capellan held world of Capella. Specifically the industrial complex of Ceres Metal Industries. Alongside Hasek-Davion’s own unit, the Kathil Uhlans; the Lancers make a striek at the complex, making off with a dropship full of parts and mechs. Including 4 prototypes. 3 Vindicators and a single Raven. The unit also gains several defectors from the local militia, including Commander Alexander Sinclair.

April 21st, 3039- A unit from Macarron’s Armored Cavalry arrives at Campertown in order to extract revenge on them. The Lancers fight them off but with significant cost. The Lancers spend the next 2 months refitting and repairing.

June 12th, 3039- The Lancers begin to commit to a series of quickstrikes along the Draconis-FedSuns borders in an effort to support the AFFS thrusts into the Draconis Combine. Bringing them into contact with the newly revealed Ghost Regiments.

May 4th, 3040- The AFFS orders them to the Draconis March, where they are ordered to play body guard to a group of archeologists, scientists and engineers.

May 12th, 3040- They arrive on LV-389/XSA-8 with little fanfare and begin their 6 month bodyguard mission. a few days after their arrival a company of the 4th Sword of Light involved in hunting leads of a SLDF depot in the area arrive on planet and order the Lancers and science teams off of the planet wich they claim as DC property. Marcus promptly refuses to acknowledge both their commands and ownership of the system.

May 16th, 3040- The two units clash as Lancers defend the Explorer teams, in an attempt to take the SLDF depot. Repeadly the ycome together, each time with the Lancers proving their mettle agiasnt the older, more established unit. After 2 weeks of this and the arrival of the rest of the 4th SoL regiment in system, Marcus listens to his XO’s advice and withdraws the Lancer units to the SLDF depot, setting charges throughout the base Sinclair plays diversion for the fleeing Explorer teams as Marcus strikes at their flank with 1st Company.

May 17th, 3040- Lancers leave LV-389/XSA-8 (now known as New Bidet by the explorer teams and Lancer support personnel). The unit returns to Galatea after securing their pay for the mission.

August 21st-September 31st, 3040- Lancers arrive back on Galatea. The MRBC assigns the Lancers a new rating of ‘C’. A step up from their previous designation of ‘D-’. the Lancers reorganize and restructure, Alex Sinclaier begins to carry out the plans he and Marcus have come up with for a true Combined Arms unit. Unit changes their name from ’Blacke’s Lancers’ to the ‘Black Lancer Brigade’. Sinclair is formally named ‘Executive Officer’ of the Lancers and CO of 2nd Company.

October 22nd 3042- The unit sets out for the Duchy of Regulas and their next Contract with the FWL, the next 18 months of the contract passes peacefully without real incident.

April 23rd, 3044- The Lancers leave the FWL headed for the Lyran Capital of Tharkad. At Tharkad Marcus and Alex sign the new contract, a pirate hunting job along the periphery, seeking an individual calling himself ‘The Black Maquis’. The Archon herself gives her blessings to this as the Maquis has caused many innocent deaths and destroyed many civilian targets including farms and small towns.

November 13th, 3045- The Lancers finally run the Maquis to ground after playing tag with him for 5 months in the Periphery. Never having truly commited to full scale combat in the previous 5 months the Maquis comes at them on this planet with everything. Smashing at the Lancers hard and fast. Showing he posesses several advanced technologies in the process. The Maquis takes a bite out of the Lancers but is eventually chased down and killed, though no body is ever retrieved from the wreckage of his customized Atlas.

Febuary 26th-March 8th, 3050- An unidentified group of jumpships arrive at the Lancer’s current location on the planet of Thule in the FRR. Upon identifying themselves as ‘Clan Ghost Bear’ the intruders off something they call ‘Batchall’. Identifying the forces they will attack with and demanding to know what the Lancers will defend with. Marcus responds with seeming intentional insult and tells them to ‘Bring it’.

The first battle with these mysterious intruders takes place on the Fresdonian Plains west of the city of Thule. The enmy is showered by pre-arranged artillery strikes and minefields placed beforehand by Sinclair’s engineers. the battle ends with a seeming draw as the intruders offer somethign they call ‘Hegira’ to the Lancers, allowing them to withdraw and claim their wounded and salvage, if allowed to do the same without further fighting. The field belongs to the Lancers the Ghost Bears state as they withdraw with their wounded.

The Lancers use these tactics time and again over the next 2 weeks in their defense of the planets. Regardless they begin to hemmorage equipment, ammo and personnel under the onslaught of these well trained and well equipped intruders.

Despite the unorthodox tactics, feirce commitment of the Lancers and the other planetary forces, the intruders show their skill and resilience. Also displaying weapons of greater range and power, mechs that are faster and more manueverable than anything the Lancers have ever seen.

After several such battles the unit along with the remnants of the 1st Hussars and 1st Planetary Militia are ordered to abandon the planet and fall back. Several Militia join up with the Lancers as they head for Trondheim.

April 12th, 3050- upon arrival at Trondheim the Lancers are informed of the fall of the FRR planets of Holmsbu and Pinnacle as well as the Combine planet of Constance.

April 30th 3050- The Lancers recieve word that the planet of Susquehanna has fallen to the Ghost Bears.

May 1st 3050- The Ghost Bears arrive and offer their ‘Batchall’. Colonel Blacke once again refuses the Batchall and Lt. Colonel Sinclair tells them he will destroy them. After all no one can Trashtalk like a Capellan. The Ghost Bears show that they can adapt to the changing tactics of the Inner Sphere Mercs by avoiding the mercs minefields. But they have showed a rigid adherence to a code of conduct wich includes commiting as little collateral damage as possible, and a rigid form of one on one combat similar to the behavior of the Draconis Combine’s samurai.

May 10th 3050 After a week of intense fighting, the Lancers were ordered to defend Grundveldjt City as the civilian population was evacuated. Emergency personnel shuttled the stranded refugees from the city in the maglevs running from the dropports and freight exchange yards. Truck convoys fled at full speed, filled to the brim with defenseless civilians. The Lancers paid a serious price and were ultimately no match for the Ghost Bears relentless forces.

November 1st 3051 After a year of peace, the Clans resume their attack. Having spent the last year rebuilding and rearming, the Lancers take up contract with the Federated commonwealth, and are sent to reinforce the 26th Lyran guards on the planet Tamar, placing them directly in the path of Clan Wolf’s drive towards Terra. Having now a burning need to fight the Clans and smash them, the Lancers fight their first two battles. In the first one they defeat the Clans handily. In the second they are forced to withdraw.



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