Battletech: Skies Without End

Do Ye Yield?

The Battle According to Bridget

Well, to say the least I hope I never have to do THAT again. I do not know how Cale puts up with it, but commanding a unit is bloody stressful. I think I did okay for the most part. Our new lads kept asking “What do we do?” and I am the last person ye want to ask that to. Normally I would say blast the clan scum to their bloody boots, but I had to do Cale proud in his absence. Our new lad we got not too long ago fought well despite my lack of leadership on the field. We did have another new lad join us as well. T’was amusing to watch him though next time I might place him in a bigger mech so he doesn’t grab his knickers and run away again. Laurelli did well as ever. She is a fine pilot in her griffin. Overall we did well enough. I hope Cale will be pleased when he finds out. On a more personal note, I found my first taste of leadership quite awkward. It took all I had NOT to blast the bloody Smoke Jags to a pulp. I did however find that it is not always neccessary to win by killing them. I was going to be an arse and use the Summoner to blow them all to shreds, but I found them quite honorable despite the more lax practices of the Jaguars. I found myself right in front of the badly torn Cauldron Born, ready to off him as he had shut down. Something odd came over me though. I realized I was leading my guys and instead I opened up communications and simply asked “Do ye yield?”. The hatch to the Cauldron born popped open and up stood their Star Colonel. So went my first taste of command. Now we just need to fix our jump ships and head back to the inner sphere to deal with those asswipes who broke the contract. I just hope the rickety ships don’t get us caught by another person who has been “admiring” us.



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