Battletech: Skies Without End

A New Contract

Bridget's Diary

Well no sooner than I say “Oh gee I hope I never have to do THAT again.” and I am back in command. We signed a contract with the Lyran alliance. Tis a lovely contract we have but they are being quite generous which means something is probably off. Ah well I will enjoy it while we are here, which is a whopping 12 months smack dabbed between the borders they share with the Jade Falcons.. We ran a training mission for their lads and lasses today. They did well despite us getting through, but that is to be expected considering how good the lads are. I must say though, Sig and our bondsman Aziz need a STERN talking to at the very least. I may not be the best at commanding but ye should always respect those in charge. As a side note I have decided to take up knitting during our time looking at the skies. Mayhaps I will make a dreadful bonnet for Sig to wear as punishment if he shows insubordination next time I am in charge. Yes that should do the trick…



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